The first film released will be ‘The Great Alaskan Race’.

Producer, actor and writer/director Brian Presley and his Rebel Road Entertainment banner have launched a new distribution arm.

The announcement came in Cannes, where Presley and his acquisitions team are on the ground looking for titles. Rebel Road says it will aim to distribute films that will bring the faith-based and secular worlds together through socially impactful stories of inspiration and truth, releasing its titles theatrically on 20-2,000 screens.

Joining Presley are Timothy Patrick Cavanaugh as president of production and acquisition, Tai Truesdell as head of international sales, and Elizabeth Bell as general counsel/business development.

The first project to be released under the new banner will be The Great Alaskan Race, which Presley wrote, starred in, directed and produced. The film also stars Treat Williams, Bruce Davison, Brad Leland, Brea Bee and Henry Thomas, and is based on the true story of a group of brave mushers who traveled 700 miles to save the children of an Alaskan city from a deadly epidemic.

The Great Alaskan Race is the amazing, untold true story that took place in 1925 when 20 dog mushers rode through eighty-below-zero temperatures to save the children of Nome, Alaska,” said Presley. “I am honored to be the first to bring this great story to the big screen. Togo and Balto are hugely popular but most don’t know the true story behind the two famous sled dogs. Dog lovers will absolutely love this film, and this is a film for all ages.”

Rebel Road will release the film nationwide in the fall.


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